Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the OJSC "Rostselmash"



Born on December 23, 1937 in Rostov-On-Don.



Rostov-On-Don Financial and Economic Institute, Faculty of Economics of Industrial Enterprises.


After graduation from the Institute in 1962, he worked at an industrial enterprise. Since 1965 - at the plant "Rostselmash» in the position of the Senior Economist and Head of the Economic Department of the machine tool works. Since 1975, he worked at the "Aksaykardandetal" Plant as Deputy Director for economics, and then, for more than 10 years, as the General Director of this plant. 
In 1998, he headed the Rostselmash Plant. In 2000, he was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the JSC «Rostselmash».


Married, one son.